Rrrrrr. Story of a caterpillar


“Rrrrrr. History of a caterpillar” is a dance and puppet show aimed at children between 2 and 5 years old and their families or teachers who accompany them.
The show features an actress/dancer who represents the metamorphosis of a butterfly, from hatching, transforming into a caterpillar, growing up to eat and eat, building a chrysalis, and finally becomes a butterfly.
“Rrrrrrr. History of a caterpillar” is based on various piano pieces by Chopin, and the option is offered that they can be performed live by the pianist Olga Kobekina (or, if preferred, the music will be recorded). It is a show of gestural theater and dance, with video projections, which also invites the spectators who want to go up on stage and dance for a while. It lasts approximately 40 minutes.
The show could be seen in December 2023 at the Teatre de l’Aurora in Igualada, and today we have 20 more performances scheduled, among which the ones we will perform at La Mostra d’Igualada-Fira de teatre stand out children and youth, in April 2024.

Artistic Team

  • Direction and dramaturgy: Marc Hervàs 
  • Assistant dramaturgist: Clara Dalmau
  • Dancer and choreographer: Beatriz Macías
  • Pianist: Olga Kobekina / Enric Roda
  • Scenography: Anna Alcubierre
  • Puppets: Martí Doy
  • Costumes: Gustavo Adolfo Tarí
  • Sound design: Jean-Marc Savre
  • Stage machinery: Francesco della Mirandola
  • Photo: Dani Querol
  • Execitive production: Clara Dalmau
  • Comunication and booking: Clara Dalmau i Marc Hervàs
  • Show created in artistic residency at Casal de Tous

Thecnical Sheet

Duration of the show – 40 minutes

  • Set up time – 4 hours
  • Set down time- 1 hour

Scenic espace – Stage 8 meters wide x 6 meters long x 4 meters high.

3 barrs in the stage for props and lighting.

Lights – 8 par led on the floor. 6 par led in bars. 6 dancing structures with 2  ETC junior each.  4 profile led.


Sound- Half grand piano


(In case you do not have all the material, please contact us.)