Commissioned works


The new colors of brass

with l’Auditori de Barcelona

Parallel to our own productions, we also create shows by order. An example of this activity is our work at the Auditorium of Barcelona where we have directed the staging of “Percussions”, “Wimoweh”, “Els colors del metall” and, finally, “Els nous colors del metall.”


Oh, the love!

in El Gran Teatre del Liceu

In the spring of 2015 was our first performance of “Oh, l’amor!”, the opera with music and libretto by Mario Ros, as part of the “Òpera a Secundària” (Secondary School Opera) series, organised by the Gran Teatre del Liceu. More than a thousand secondary school students accompanied by the Jove Orquestra Nacional de Catalunya (JONC) lead this opera which reflects on the relationship between a father and his children.

"Elisenda Carrasco and Marc Hervàs go hand in hand in Oh, el amor! The musical director and the stage director propose a participative and innovative staging that will count on the complicity of 27 schools nationwide. The active involvement of young people in initiatives like this oxygenates the opera sector by stimulating training and new creation, providing the younger generations with new communicative forms such as lyrical singing and music".
Revista Musical Catalana



in the Gran Teatre del Liceu

In May 2011, we gave the first performance of the ballet “Petruixka”, by Igor Stravinsky, at the Gran Teatre del Liceu. This is a production of the theatre itself, with performing by the company IT Dansa, choreography by Catherine Allard and our dramaturgy and staging. As well as at the Liceu, it has also been able to be seen in places such as the Temporada Alta-Festival de Tardor de Catalunya.

"The show did not disappoint, leaving children who may have never been in a theatre for the first time, riveted to their seats. Further proof that a show for children or families does not have to be at odds with quality. What's more, many shows for adults would like to thrill as much as Petrushka and the rest of the puppets that come to life in this production".
Jordi Roura
Diari de Girona


Meet at the Ark at Eight

with the Fundació Xarxa

Alongside our own productions, we also produce shows on commission. In 2009 we were asked to stage the show “A l’arca a les vuit” (Be at the ark at eight), by the German dramatist Ulrich Hub. This show was produced by the Fundació Xarxa and was first performed at the Temporada Alta-Festival de Tardor de Catalunya. It could also be seen at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya in 2010-2011 and in several towns around the country.

"Three penguins and only two invitations to board Noah's Ark. From this situation, both comic and sad, "Al arca a las ocho" presents a reflection on friendship, life and the divine essence in a very original way. This is a children's show in which clowns are in charge of raising the deepest doubts about the essence of man. Within the Temporada Alta programme, today's show is undoubtedly one of the most peculiar proposals".
Marta Pallarès
Diari de Girona


A mint tea

with the Fundació Obra Social “La Caixa”

Also in 2009 at the Caixaforum in Barcelona, we give the first performance of the concert “Un te a la menta” (A mint tea), with the Orquestra Àrab de Barcelona, conducting by Jordi Vallespí and our dramaturgy and staging. The concert, which was produced by the Obra Social de “La Caixa”, has been on tour around Spain ever since.

"Music for integration, a platform of expression for performers and ensembles of world music who live and perform their creative work in our country. The musical direction is by Jordi Vallespí and the artistic direction by Marc Hervàs".
Europa Press