My friend Brutus


“My friend Brutus” is a street show, with actors, musicians and puppets.

Its protagonist is Brutus, a brown bear, two and a half meters tall and weighing 400 kg, curious, affable and fun, who likes to hug people, smell what tourists eat and scratch his back in the trees. and the walls.

Brutus will do a parade accompanied by some happy and fun mountain farmers, who come down to the city to sell their products. In this parade we will see Brutus play and dance with accordion music performed live and how he will make all the children he meets along the way participate in the games and dances.

Adaptable show, in terms of duration and route, to your needs

Artistic Team

  • Direction and dramaturgy: Marc Hervàs
  • Performers: Clara Dalmau,  Jordi Hervàs and William Kemp
  • Musicians: Mariona Tusset / Robert Canela
  • Puppets, objects and costumes: Martí Doy
  • Scenography: Martí Doy and Francesco della Mirandola
  • Photos: Dani Querol
  • Confecció del vestuari: Gustavo Adolfo Tarí
  • Producció executiva: Clara Dalmau
  • Booking and Press: Lorena Benesey
  • Show created in residency at El Casal de Tous
  • 06.12.2023 – “My friend Brutus” in Vic (Medieval Market)
  • 07.12.2023 – “My friend Brutus” in Vic (Medieval Market)

Actors and actresses

Clara Dalmau

Actress and exectutive producer

Technical Rider

Duration of the show – 5o minutes (or as you like it)

Stage – Route to be agreed with programmers

(If you have any questions, please contact us.)