“Sarau!” is a puppet show for all audiences, which follows the spirit and aesthetics of the Muppet world created by Jim Henson forty years ago. It is designed to be staged in a square, outdoors, for children from 3 years old. With “Sarau!” we have a lot of pretensions… to make you laugh.

“Sarau!” tells the story of some neighbours who, at the last minute, are forced to cancel the events of the Festa Major. To avoid this, they decide to lose their shame and go on stage themselves, and perform music of very different styles as best they can. The show they will create together will include opera, rock and roll, salsa, sardanas, classical music, gospel and tik-toks. Surprisingly, they will have a decent Fiesta Mayor, and they will also have managed to entertain spectators of all ages with their brawls.

Artistic team

  • Stage direction and dramaturgy: Marc Hervàs (with advice from Marc Martín)
  • Internship at the Laboratorio Escénico: Érica Riba
  • Assistant director: Lorena Benesey
  • Performers: Clara Dalmau, Jordi Hervàs and Ares Piqué
  • Set design and puppets: Martí Doy
  • Sound space: Jean-Marc Savre
  • Stage machinery: Francesco della Mirandola
  • Photography: Dani Querol
  • Executive production: Clara Dalmau
  • Communication and distribution: Lorena Benesey
  • Show created in artistic residency at Casal de Tous

Actors and actresses

Clara Dalmau

Actress and exectutive producer

Technical specifications

Duration of the show – 55 minutes

  • Set up time – 2 hours
  • Dismantling time – 1 hour

Scenic space – Flat foot of a square 8 metres wide, x 6 metres deep, x 4 metres high.

Light – Good sunshine


Sound – PA

(If you do not have all the material, please contact us).