Scenes of Childhood


“Scenes of Childhood”, with music by Frederic Mompou (Barcelona, 1893-1987), is the first production of  El ballet imperial de la reina Rosamunda, a new dance company for all audiences founded by the members of La companyia del príncep Totilau.

Our work in the world of children’s dance began with the direction and dramaturgy of “Petruixka”, by Igor Stravinsky, produced by El Gran Teatre del Liceu (seasons 2011/12/13), with the interpretation of the company IT Dansa and the choreography of Catherine Allard.

From this experience, we started, with much of the same artistic team, a new dance company, with which we created “Scenes of Childhood”.

In this show we take a tour of various piano works by the great Catalan composer Frederic Mompou and, following the spirit of his music, we intend to show the most important values of childhood: freedom, joy, humor, simplicity, imagination, game and innocence.

With this new proposal for children’s dance we want to bring contemporary Catalan dance and, also, the music of Frederic Mompou to contemporary children.

Artistic Team

  • Music: Frederic Mompou
  • Direction and dramaturgy: Marc Hervàs
  • Dancers: Beatriz Macías and Xavier Auquer
  • Coreography: Beatriz Macías
  • Scenography, props and costumes: Anna Alcubierre


  • Light: Nick Hersh
  • Sound: Jean Marc-Savre
  • Machinery: Francesco della Mirandola
  • Photography: Dani Querol
  • Executive production: Clara Dalmau

Starting with the three pieces of Frederic Mompou that give name to the show, the rest of the music we use are a selection of 14 other pieces by the composer, performed by himself, and which form the following repertoire:

  • Suburbis: El carrer, el guitarrista i el vell cavall (1917)
  • Suburbis: Gitana I, II (1916)
  • Suburbis: L’home de l’aristó (1916)
  • Impressions íntimes: Planys (Gitano) (1914)
  • Charmes IV: Pour appeler la joie (1925)
  • Charmes III: Pour inspirer l’amour (1925)
  • Scènes d’Enfants: Jeunes filles au jardín (1915-1918)
  • Cançons i danses: IV, A la vora de la mar (1928)
  • Scènes d’Enfants: Jeux sur la plage, I, II, III (1915-1918)
  • Impressions íntimes: Planys (Pájaro triste) (1914)
  • Preludis, número 5 (1928)
  • Música Callada, 2n quadern, número 13 (1962)
  • Scènes d’Enfants: Cris dans la rue (1915-1918)

“A little sweetie, the one that Queen Rosamund’s Imperial Ballet gives away. It is a very complete piece, which is danced fresh, with a lot of complicity between the two dancers/performers and which provides elements to connect with the audience who, in some choreographies, cannot help but applaud. A piece that deserves the attention of public facilities for its fusion of challenges: Mompou, contemporary dance, generous stage space, emotion and sensitivity.”

Jordi Bordes –


Technical fit

Show duration – 50 minutes

  • Assembly time – 4 hours
  • Disassembly time – 1 hour

Stage space – 8 meters wide, x 6 meters deep, x 4 meters high

Video – Minimum 6 thousand lumens projector


  • 6 cuts of 1 kW
  • 4 PCs of 1 Kw
  • 6 RGB LED pars
  • A light regulation table.

Sound – PA and 2 monitors

(If you do not have all the material, please contact us.)