The Big Bad Wolf


“The Big Bad Wolf” is a show of actors, puppets and masks for children from three to eight years old, which can be performed outdoors or in a theater.

The big bad wolf has been hunted! After eating Little Red Riding Hood, the grandmother, seven goats and almost the three little pigs, he has to face a popular trial in which the mothers of these characters will testify as witnesses. What will be the verdict? Is he really guilty or, perhaps, was he just very hungry?

This show aims to explain the classic stories that tradition has left us, without modifying history. On the other hand, the framework of the popular trial allows us to reflect on themes that touch the contemporary public very closely: the coexistence between hunger and abundance, justice turned into a spectacle, the role of mothers today, the fashion of environmentalists and new “spirituality”… And many other things, treated with humor to open a debate with viewers.

Artistic team

  • Stage direction and dramaturgy: Marc Hervàs
  • Performers: Clara Dalmau, Jordi Hervàs and Ares Piqué
  • Puppets, objects and costumes: Martí Doy
  • Scenography: Martí Doy and Marc Hervàs
  • Musical adaptations: Ildefons Alonso
  • Sound space: Jean-Marc Savre
  • Photography: Dani Querol
  • Executive production: Clara Dalmau
  • Thanks: Casal de Tous, Irene Santos, Natàlia Manko, Dolors Moreno
  • 12.10.2023 – 12 -“The Big Bad Wolf” in Torres de Segre (12:00 p.m., Casetes Square)

Actors and actresses

Clara Dalmau

Actress and exectutive producer

Technical rider

Show duration – 50 minutes

  • Assembly time: 3 hours
  • Disassembly time: 1 hour

Stage space – The show can be performed both outdoors and in a closed space (theater or hall).

  • 7 meters wide, x 5 meters deep, x 4 meters high.
  • Black camera (if in theater).


  • 12 pcs of 1Kw, 6 pairs of 1Kw, 5 snips of 1Kw.
  • A lighting adjustment table with a minimum of 20 channels and the possibility of making submasters.
  • The filters are brought by the company.

Sound – It is brought by the company.

(If you do not have all the material, please contact us.)