Track record: own works



A concert show for children

A concert-performance with music by Mozart and the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

2021 is the year of Mozartland. With this show we return to the dramatised concerts with a flute quartet and five actors on stage, a great show for the little ones!


My friend Brutus

Traditional dances and games for children

A street show to make children play and dance.

In winter 2019 we premiered “My friend Brutus”. We want to bring traditional games and dances back to the squares and streets to share them with children.


Mother Earth

The exciting adventure of the origin of life

In August 2018, we premiered “Mother Earth” a show born from our son Bernardo’s questions about the origin of life on Earth and Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.


My Prince Charming

Dance against machismo of yesterday and today

In 2017, at the Almagro Classical Theatre Festival, with our dance company El ballet imperial de la reina Rosamunda, we premiered “Mi príncipe azul”. A contemporary dance performance against the stereotypes of male/female roles today and in all times.


Monsieur Croche

In search of inspiration and freedom

In the summer of 2016, at the Sant Pere Sallavinera classical music festival, we premiered “Monsieur Croche”, a show without text, with puppets, masks and gestural theatre and live music by Claude Debussy. This show has toured all the Caixaforums in Spain and in the South Korean festival: Uijeongbu Theater Music Festival.


The Big Bad Wolf

A show about good and evil

In the summer of 2014, once again with La companyia del príncep Totilau, we premiered our first street show, “El lobo feroz” (The Big Bad Wolf). Based on a trial of the wolf character, we explain the popular tales of Little Red Riding Hood, the three little pigs and the seven little goats. “The Big Bad Wolf” is a show with actors, puppets and masks for children between three and eight years old, which can be performed outdoors as well as in a theatre.


Scenes of Childhood

A new dance company

In 2012 we founded the new dance company “El ballet imperial de la reina Rosamunda”, with which we created “Children’s scenes”. In this show we take a journey through various piano works by the great Catalan musician Frederic Mompou and, following the spirit of his music, we aim to show the most important values of childhood: freedom, joy, humour, simplicity, imagination, play and innocence.

"A little bonbon, the one that gives The Imperial Ballet of Queen Rosamunda. It is a very complete piece, which is danced freshly, with a lot of complicity between the two dancers/performers and which gives elements to connect with the audience who, in some choreographies, can only applaud. A piece that deserves the attention of public venues for its fusion of challenges: Mompou, contemporary dance, generous stage space, emotion and sensitivity".
Jordi Bordes


Bread and tomato country

Alien clowns

Catalan popular traditions from an alien point of view.

In August 2012 we premiered, in co-production with Teatro de la Aurora, “El país del pan con tomate”, a show that talks about Catalan traditions from a very peculiar point of view: that of two aliens who have spent a year living together in a school in our country.

"The children were led by two aliens - excellently played by Clara Dalmau and Mònica Torra - who, on their return to their blue planet, explain what "the country of bread with tomato" is like. The children were taken on a journey through Catalan traditions, with their characters, songs, sayings, proverbs... in an original, entertaining and amusing show in which, together with the performance of the two actresses, the carefully chosen stage design stood out".
Editorial office


Cardboard horse

Poetry and puppets

“Cardboard horse” is a poetry show aimed at the youngest children. Through the memories of the main actress, we relive her childhood, when reading poetry became a fun and beautiful way of discovering the world around her. Premiered in the autumn of 2010, it was created from the poetic work of various authors, and won the 2010 Bòtil prizes awarded by the Govern de les Illes Balears and the Sa Xerxa organisation.

"The play was very interesting, the main character was a puppet who loved to write poems in a poetry notebook. He went round the four seasons observing the changes in the weather and the festivities we celebrated by reciting children's poems. We teachers encourage you to introduce children to poetry at home as well, either by reading together or by going to see performances of this kind, as they are very enriching".
School teacher
Consol Ferré School, Amposta


The Storm

Shakespeare for all audiences

The second show, “The Storm”, by William Shakespeare, is a staging designed for all audiences of the English playwright’s work, and was co-produced by Temporada Alta-Festival de Tardor de Catalunya. In 2010 it won the Premi a la Millor Escenificació del Festival de Titelles de la Vall d’Albaida (País Valencià). It has been presented at festivals such as Fetén, Festival de Teatro Clásico de Olmedo and Festival de Teatro Clásico de Almagro.
"Marc Hervàs's direction is minorist, rigorous, and one can perceive his determination to make everything flow, to maintain a certain poetics and harmony, so that in the transitions, as well as the suggestive period music, the performers dance, as well as imbibe the spirit of the character they are manipulating at each moment, to the point that one could forget that these are puppets, and that they are a natural extension of the performers' bodies".
Dani Chicano
El Punt


Six Johns

The company's first show

We were founded in 2007, and so far we have created six shows with La companyia del príncep Totilau and two with El ballet imperial de la reina Rosamunda. The first, “Six Johns”, co-produced by the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, is based on the stories of the same name by the writer Carles Riba.

"The show "Sis Joans" is a little jewel in the TNC's programme. Carles Riba's six short stories are of interest not only in literary terms but also because of the depth of their personal maturity. Now, on the 80th anniversary of their publication, they are elevated even more to a classic with a sensitive staging that generates small emotions".
Andreu Sotorra
Time Out